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Please read all ratings and warnings carefully.

Don't Fight It

genre: erotica, romance
Rating | Warning: Mature Adults | none
Summary: A rockstar gets over himself with the help of the record company's new tour manager.


genre: romance
Rating | Warning: Teen | none
Summary: A woman in a boring marriage starts getting roses and secret notes at work. Does she have the courage to escape her marriage?


genre: erotica, friendship, roundabout romance
Rating | Warning: Mature Adults | infidelity, with permission
Summary: A woman on a business trip has sex with her favourite actor - and with her husband's blessing. She learns a few things along the way.

The Secret of Youth

genre: paranormal, erotica, fetish
Rating | Warning: Mature Adults | threesome, m/m sex, anal
Summary: Dr. Emmeline Morgan is the resident psychotherapist at a juvenile detention center. Her two most notorious patients are turning eighteen - and getting out for good behavior.

Someone to Touch

genre: erotica, romance
Rating | Warning: Mature Adult | none
Summary: When you're used to being a couple, being alone is hard. Especially if you don't sleep at night.